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Photos From The PG County Area

I would like to thank Bill Blythe, A DuVal High School graduate, for granting me permission to display many of the photos that appear on this page.

If you have any old photos of places from our old neighborhood that you would like to share, please send them to and they will be posted to this page.
Enjoy !
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md373:  Northwestern High School 1960's

md135:  Bladensburg High School

md129:  Bladensburg High School

md128:  Bladensburg High School

md228:  Bladensburg Junior High

md156:  Glenridge Junior High School Colts

DeMatha High School, Hyattsville, MD

Suitland High school

md278:  Robert Hall, Landover Hills, Md.

md374:  Kenney Shoes, Landover Hills, Md.

md265:  Rolling Pin bakery, Bladensburg, Md.

md108:  Jimmy's crab House, Kentland, Md.

md251:  Burger Chef Drive In, Cheverly, Md.

md036:  McDonald's Hamburgers

md139:  Bladensburg Barber School

md028:  Peoples Drug store Bladensburg Rd

md147:  Local Hardware Stores


Ted the IceCream Man, 73rd ave., Bellemead, 1953

Landover Hills

Memorial on Defense Hwy, Rt 450 across from Chandlers Drugs, Landover Hills

Boy Scouts in front of Landover Hills Elementary Ball field

Oliver's store (later became B&Js), Landover Hills

Tilden Street, Bellemead, MD

Pop's Carry Out, 7437 Annapolis Rd, a few doors up from Bill's Hardware
photo courtesy of Joe Berry

Herb's Esso Community Servicenter
7467 Annapolis Road, Landover Hills, MD


md205:  Cheverly Legion Post 108

md372:  The Hecht Company

md085:  The Hecht Company

md043:  Cheverly Theater

md250:  Hyattsville Theater

md303:  Capital Plaza Theater

md020:  Greenbelt Theater

md107:  Riverdale Theater

md137:  Old Hot Shoppes, Capital Plaza, Landover Md

md098:  Teens at Hot Shoppes JR Marlow Heights Md 60's

md073:  Byrd Stadium, College Park Md.

md007:  Hollywood Inn, Route 1

md081:  Little Tavern, College Park, Md.

md222:  Little Tavern College Park Md 60's

md314:  Weile's, Langley Park, Md.

md079:  Weiles Ice Cream shop Langley Parl Md
home of awesome ice cream creations 60's

Greenbelt High School (1951 was last graduating class)
Courtesy of Tom Scanlan

md062:  Greenbelt Center

md227:  Bladensburg Skating Rink Fire, 1970

md200:  Bladensburg Fire House

md226:  Fire at Roller Rink Bladensburg Md early 70's

md225:  Fire at Roller Rink, Bladensburg md

md017:  ERCO Field, Riverdale, Md.

md061:  Prince Georges Plaza, side view

md110:  Seabrook American, Lanham-Severn Road

md109:  Chandler's Drugs, Landover Hills, Md.

md084:  Weile's Gazette

md059:  Mighty Mo, Takoma Park, Md.

md068:  Italian Inn

md041:  Italian Inn

md143:  Super Giant, Glen Ridge, Md.

md016:  Zayre Department Store

md077:  Park College Diner, College Park Md.

md230:  The Rendezvous Inn College Park Md 60's

md023:  Ledo Restaurant, Adelphi, Md

md116:  Lums Restaurant, West Lanham, Md.

md369:  Old Bowie Md

md075:  Rose Haven Motel, Rose Haven, Md

md244:  Crybaby Bridge, Bowie, Md
On Governor Bridge Road between Bowie and Davidsonville.  Local urban legends led to it being called "Crybaby" bridge by teens, who visit late at night and claim to hear ghosts.

md206:  Allen Pond, Bowie, Md.

md248:  Old Red Barn, Bladensburg, Md.

Bladensburg Motel

md247:  The Terrapin Restaurant, Route 1

Htattsville Armory

Shirleys, Bladensburg MD

Landover Hills Shell along Defense Highway
in the early 1950s


md237:  Christmas Tree in Capital Plaza 1960's

md238:  Hot Shoppes Jr.

md154:  Old Tops Drive In, Tacoma Park Md

md381:  Menu from Hot Shoppes Capital Plaza

md099:  Old menu from Mighty Mo, Langley Park md

md371:  Ben Franklin store, Greenbelt Center

md204:  Greenbelt Co-op Grocery Store

md117:  Seabrook Elementary School

md120:  DuVal High School, Lanham Md

md300:  Wineland's Laurel Drive In

md027:  Hillside Drive-In Movie

md006:  Town Hall Restaurant, College Park, Md.

md150:  Town Hall Grill (1930s)
a diner, liquor store and gas station

Landover Hills Baptist Church

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Salvatorian Seminary, Lanham

md161:  Lanham Methodist Church on Whitfield Chapel Rd, Lanham Md

First Landover Hills Post Office
established on May 16, 1945 at 4419 72nd Avenue, the home of Edward and Ann McEntee. Postal business was conducted from Mrs. McEntee's walk-up kitchen window. Four years later the post office moved to Oliver's Store

Landover Hills Firehouse

Bostwick Hall, 3901 48th St, Bladensburg, Md

George Washington House, Bladensburg, Md

Magruder House, 4703 Annapolis Rd, Bladensburg, MD

Ross House, Annapolis Rd., Bladensburg, Maryland Md

md031:  Lanham Mansion

Beverly Beach slot machines

md235:  Gasches Funeral Home, Hyattsville md

md101:  Vintage B&O Railroad, JD Tower, Hyattsville, Md.

md015:  Baltimore Washington Pkwy & Riverdale Road, Riverdale, Md

DC Transit Trolly near Melrose Crossing, Hyattsville, MD

md401:  Bladensburg Dueling Grounds

md402:  Bladensburg Dueling Grounds

md406:  Site of the Battle of Bladensburg

md405:  George Washington House

md022:  Peace Cross, Bladensburg, MD.

Flood, Bladensburg, May 14, 1921

Ferris Wheel at Marshall Hall Park

Kiddie Rides at Marshall Hall Park (1960)

Marshall Hall Amusement Park in the summer of 1962

Wilson Line headed for Marshall Hall

Wilson Line, circa 1950-70s,Docking at Marshall Hall Amusement Park

SS Mount Vernon's glass enclosed main deck used for bands and dancing

md089:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md348:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md024:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md351:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md088:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md359:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md355:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md360:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md025:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md349:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md356:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md026:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md353:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md211:  Glen Echo Roller Coaster

md346:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md213:  Glen Echo Amusement Park



md362:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md357:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md363:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md361:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md366:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md354:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md350:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

md358:  Glen Echo Amusement Park

Aquasco Speedway

Aquasco Speedway

Aquasco Speedway

Aquasco Speedway

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